Q: Why are some providers rates less than yours?

A: Some providers give different rates for personal and business.  We believe that ALL consumers should receive a higher level of service.  Our oversubscription rates are low, where most ISP’s they are not low, which means when it is high usage time, your are not getting the service you are paying for.

Q: Do you have a data cap?

A: No we don’t.

Q: Are you going to traffic shape my data to make it slower?

A: No we aren’t.

Q: Is your service real fibre?

A: If you are asking if we deliver fibre service, then yes.  All our uplinks at each of our POP’s are feed back on a only fibre network.  No wireless here.

Q: We are paying for XXX speed any only getting YYY speed, how come?

A: Sometimes the piece that is causing internet slowdown is the equipment in your house.  New wireless equipment is faster than old, new routers are faster than old, new computers are faster than old.  If you want to test… take your laptop (assuming it has an ethernet port), and plug it directly into your ONT.  If your speeds is full speed on your ethernet card, then the issue is another piece of equipment at your house.  Before you ask, yes we can help you with that.